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We identify the noise

The construction of new roads and railways raises significant concerns about the impact of noise on urban quality of life. In response to this need, a comprehensive evaluation of the acoustic impact of these infrastructures is required. Our team carries out specialized studies to analyze and mitigate the impact of noise generated by roads and railway lines in urban environments. We use a combination of advanced computer tools and precise measurements to produce detailed noise maps, identifying the areas most affected by traffic and noise projection.

In addition to conducting acoustic impact studies, we also specialize in evaluating the effectiveness of mitigation measures, such as noise barriers. Our team performs detailed measurements and analyzes to determine the effectiveness of these measures and provide customized solutions for each project. We compare the results of our studies with the real conditions of project execution, thus guaranteeing the applicability and effectiveness of our solutions in the protection of the urban acoustic environment.

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We've got you covered on all fronts

We advise our clients in everything possible to answer their questions.

INSAMETAL's mission is to faithfully adapt designs to the client's ideas and try to provide high-quality elements that are resistant to the passage of time.

The technical department is dedicated to innovation through R&D+i projects, continually improving products for customer satisfaction. In addition, this department will be in charge of following the work to be carried out step by step, specifically verifying that the procedures to be carried out correspond to the appropriate ones.

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Specialized drilling works. We have state-of-the-art Kelly-type drilling rigs that can execute piles continuously. Additionally, we can study the optimal diameters as we have the capability to tailor piles to specific requirements.


Consolidating foundations is key to providing resistance to the elements anchored to them. Our techniques are carried out quickly and precisely thanks to our experience in on-site assessment.

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Protection and painting

INSAMETAL has its own coating line to provide an optimal finish and greater durability to metal elements in any range of colors and finishes from the RAL chart.

The final finishing process is carried out through a powder coating line with different phases. The pieces undergo a process of pretreatment, cleaning, drying and electrostatic application of powder paint until they are polymerized.

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Our assembly process takes place mainly in the factory located in Villarrubia de los Ojos, Ciudad Real. In these facilities, we carry out operations such as cutting, welding, assembly, measurement, among others.

The work is completed to the point of installation, which can be performed by our company or a third party, depending on the customer's preference.


INSAMETAL utilizes both in-house teams and, on specific occasions, resorts to an external assembly company to carry out on-site installations. We have highly trained and efficient staff who adhere to a consistent professional work system.

Both alternatives ensure equivalent results. Throughout our history, we have faced a variety of unforeseen and unusual situations on construction sites. For this reason, our team is prepared to offer flexibility and find solutions to daily challenges.

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