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Projects completed with quality, efficiency and leadership.

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Leaders in acoustic and road protection

We are creating a world without noise. Our noise barriers, at the forefront of innovation and quality, transform the noise of traffic into silent environments



With over 20 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing metal barriers for railway and highway bridges and viaducts, Insametal stands out for its commitment to acoustic protection and road safety. Particularly renowned for our noise barriers, we strive to meet our customers' needs, aiming to grow together.

Strategically positioned to undertake projects nationwide, Insametal also extends its presence internationally, having successfully executed projects in countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Puerto Rico

Our international mission involves distributing products to construction companies while offering guidance and technical support to ensure successful assembly. Rely on Insametal for road safety solutions and acoustic protection in your projects.


We're a dynamic company known for our agility in project management and execution, rigorously adhering to set deadlines. At Insametal, we aspire to be your reliable partner, dedicated to the success of your projects.

We have a young and highly motivated team, ready to tackle any challenge. We provide a wide range of equipment for road and railway infrastructure, along with high-quality galvanized metal structures.

At Insametal, we're not just suppliers, but committed collaborators. We embrace your goals as our own, applying our expertise to overcome the challenges presented by each project. This dedication has propelled us to become leaders in the manufacturing and installation of metal products. We are available to participate in global projects, from High-Speed Rail routes to road and airport structures. Insametal has become a benchmark for quality in the design, manufacturing, and installation of metal elements for any project. With us, your vision becomes reality.



Explore our catalog of Insametal products, where we will offer you our technical point of view to advise you on each project. Leaders in the manufacture of noise barriers and road protections, our values go beyond production. We strive every day to preserve our greatest home: our planet. At every stage of our process, from conception to delivery, we adopt sustainable and respectful practices to minimize our environmental impact.

In addition to caring for our environment, we passionately prioritize the safety and well-being of our workers, as we believe that a stable and committed team is key to success.

Dedication and commitment form the cornerstone of our customer satisfaction. We tirelessly strive to meet and exceed your expectations, delivering quality projects on time. At Insametal, we don't just build infrastructure; we forge lasting relationships and ensure a more sustainable and beneficial future for all. Trusting in us is investing in quality, safety, and environmental responsibility.

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