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Acoustic panels in Spain

Metal protection system for bridges and viaducts

More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling design for metal protection in road and railways works. Among the products that we make, we emphasise our acoustic panel section.

Insametal’s labour always has been focused on acoustic protection and road safety. We put all the effort in accomplish the necessities of all our clients that they are interested in our services. Our mission is to grow with you.

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We use transport agencies to carry our products anywhere. We adjust our activities to client’s deadlines. By this way, we ensure that the order arrives in the moment that client schedules it. For international deliveries, we use ocean freight method normally

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We have an own assembling team that will perform all services that are stipulated in the project. Such as drilling work, foundations work, placing panels and project completion.

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Project conclusion

We want to know what you think about us and what our reviews are. We are interested in knowing our performance and how can we improve every day to become in a recognised company in Spain.

International presence in Insametal

Our location is an advantage for any national project. Insametal also have international presence. Countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Morocco, Algeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico have entrusted different project to our company.

Our international mission is in give out our products to construction companies and they can assemble with our advice and technical support.

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Quality guarantee in Insametal

Our products quality are based on our group of companies to the product quality system based on regulations such as ISO 9001 – 2015 of Bureau VERITAS and ISO 14001 – 2015 of Bureau VERITAS. Insametal also count with international regulation known as OHSAS 45001 – 2018, which last version aims to the maximum integration of Health and Safety in work places. Furthermore, as ISO 9001 and 14001 regulations, OHSAS put focus on Control plans.  
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What can Insametal do for you?

Design and development of work studies

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Manufacturing and assembling your projects

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We deliver turnkey projects

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We have an own qualified staff for your requirements

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Facilities adapted to large projects

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Machinery equipped with high technology

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Acoustic screens specialist

We can calculate and design the best option for your project

We offer a complete catalogue of acoustic panels. These panels are made with metal, aluminium, methacrylate, concrete, vegetal and wooden. The follow images explain these screens.

Metallic acoustic panel

The metallic acoustic panel is composed of a framework with a specific design capable of withstanding high loads of wind. That can be of steel or aluminium with different thicknesses whose interior contain sound-absorbing material. Its core is made of rock wool with different thicknesses. The colour of the finished appearance can be in any of RAL chart and as a new system, we can offer a finish appearance with GRAFFITI-PROOFING PAINTING.

Methacrylate acoustic panel

The methacrylate acoustic panel is composed of a methacrylate panel o transparent polycarbonate that could be colourful or without colour. This panel have acoustic insulation and could have vinyl with any shape o colour to get a better integration with the environment.

Acoustic panel with vegetation

The vegetal acoustic panel accomplish a double function: to absorb noise and aesthetics to blend with the environment. These kinds of panels get a better integration with the environment.

Wooden acoustic panel

The wooden acoustic panel is composed of wooden slats which fit into steel cross sections that are affix to concrete floor. These are wedge with wooden struts that allow the necessary adjustments for our clients. We get a soundproofing effect with wool rock inside the wooden slats.

Curved metallic acoustic panel

Pantalla Acustica Metalica Curva Tecnico
The curved metallic acoustic panel is composed of a metallic framework which it had been adapted by bending activities that adapt a better aesthetic result for vehicles viewers and pedestrian viewers. Inside the panel, we can find a soundproofing material composed o rock wool. The client can choose a colour from RAL chart and it can be the same that the flat panel displays.

Concrete acoustic screen

The concrete acoustic screen provides stability and tough due to his composition. The concrete can be split in two layers, one soundproofing whose texture is porous to get a less spread of noise, and a second concrete layer that ensures the stability of the element. This screen accomplish with the ideal acoustic functions in urbanizations, roads and railways.

Discover the types of acoustic panels from Insametal.

Check all technical features and regulations from all of each acoustic panel that we work. Learn about advantages and main features of each acoustic panel.

International Projection

Insametal carries out some works from national or international great projects. More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and assembling guarantee our success.

Acoustic Barriers in Roads
Tren AVE Insametal
Other projects
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Our Clients



Roquetas de Mar variant (Almeria)

27.07.2021 / by Insametal / 0 comments

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Roquetas de Mar Variant (Almeria, Spain) WORK: Supply and assembly of an acoustic screen of acrylic plexiglass.


A-33 Highway, Cieza – Fuente de la Higuera.

27.07.2021 / by Insametal / 0 comments

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Highway A-33, Cieza-Fuente de la Higuera. Section: Junction N-344 to Jumilla. Junction with C-3223 to Yecla. Subsection 3. WORK: Supply and assembly of metallic acoustic screen.


Acoustic impact corrective measures in Catalonia

27.07.2021 / by Insametal / 0 comments

8 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Generalitat de Catalunya CONSTRUCTION: Acoustic impact corrective measures in Vacarisses, Abrera, Gavá, Vilalba Saserra, Hostalric and Canovelles. WORK: Supply and installation of concrete acoustic screen.

Insametal S.A. is a youth and dynamic company that develop functional designs and innovative projects. We are characterized for agile management and quick execution of all our projects, accomplish always with client deadlines. We want to that everybody see us as an authentic technological partner in their projects. We count with youth staff and with improvement desire. For this reason, we offer a wide variety of equipment for train and road infrastructures, just as all types of metallic galvanized structures.

We establish a bond that goes beyond supplier/client. We assume the client objectives as own objectives. We put all knowledge in resolve multiple challenges that every project have.

So we have reached a high position as leaders in manufacturing applied in design and assembling of metal structures.

We are available to participate in projects that could be routes of high velocity trains, trams, subways, passenger trains and transport trains. We became in a quality reference in design, manufacturing and installation of metal elements for any projects.

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Our quality systems (click on the images for more information)

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Insametal has the Quality Assurance Manual in whick all the manufacturing and inspection procedures are defined according to ISO 9001:2000 certified by BUREAU VERITAS

At the same time, it also has the approval of the TIG (for stainless steel) and MAG (for carbon steel) welding processes according to the UNE EN 288-3:1992 standard.