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Wildlife Passage Panel

We manufacture and install wildlife passage panels

Insametal manufacture, supply and install this kind of wooden panels. These panels are used in zones where animals can transit, rivers, streams, valleys, etc. It is used to prevent bird concentrations it could be dangerous for vehicles or trains. In addition, this panel also has properties to allow passage of transhumance for livestock.


These panels have not an acoustic function, but it is useful to prevent that animals and birds can cross to road or rail and cause an accident.

Wildlife passage panels play an aesthetical and safety function. Because of their material, they are adapted to the environment providing a recognised fence to prevent that animal can cause any accident. This panel is composed of wooden decks and it can be installed by different combinations of horizontal or vertical wooden slats that will be adapted to client necessities.
These panels are adapted to areas of transhumance transit because of these aesthetical and design requirements. The wooden decks are formed to fit in steel beams and are roadway by wooden strut that allow the adjustments that client wants.


In addition, this panel has some struts on the upper side, which aim is grant stiffness to the panel.

They are exist three types of treatments:

Hot Galvanized according to UNE in ISO 1461:

The regulation defines the hot galvanized as the formation or zinc coating in steel. Steel is submerged in a 450Âș molten zinc bath that causes that zinc be stuck on steel surface.

The primary aim of this procedure consists in prevent the steel rusting and corrosion that could be caused by moisture and environment pollution.

Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773:

It is a process that applies a powder covering in thin layers to metal prepared to be placed into an oven and bakes it.

The architectural quality of polyester powder allows giving the better characteristics for a clean process of powdering and provides to good tough with a better aesthetical.

Duplex System (Hot Galvanized + Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773):

We apply both procedures sequentially. Hot galvanized and thermo-lacquer. It is based on apply polyester powder to galvanized surfaces when is required a better result in corrosion proofing or when seeking a better aesthetical.

ElaboraciĂłn y tratamientos 2
The steel quality is S275JR according to UNE 10025. Beams usually are HEA/HEB placed vertically between metal panels which have not acoustic properties.

Wooden has a treatment to increase the lifetime panel. This treatment is applied before with a C3/C4 chemical that keeps safe the wooden health preventing the fungus, solar radiation and other environment effects.

These panels are formed by wooden decks between steel beams and it is roadway by wooden strut that allows the adjustments that client wants. The elements of this panel are:

  • Wooden decks: These decks are opaque and it is reinforced inside with square massifs.
  • Metallic elements: These are steel beams that are placed vertically and anchored to the foundation. Their height and width are different according to previous calculations.

The anchoring of these steel beams is realised over foundations with bolts that have different length depending on project requirements.


Steel beams can be HEB/HEA or even HEAA with IPE reinforcement. These beams are anchored to the concrete to get a better wind to withstand.


The most common materials are metallic sheets of different thickness and with a 2 or 4 meters of average height.

There are many projects that we carry out about wildlife passage panels. Here we show an example of the works that we stand out. We have the solutions for these wildlife passages. Do you require more information? Contact with us.

Fenced Campus of Tarongers (University of Valencia)

  Currently carrying out the enclosure of the Tarongers campus at the University of Valencia, a total of 2,400 linear meters made up of fencing and automatic gates for our Rover Infraestructuras clients.

Roquetas de Mar variant (Almeria)

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Roquetas de Mar Variant (Almeria, Spain) WORK: Supply and assembly of an acoustic screen of acrylic plexiglass.

A-33 Highway, Cieza – Fuente de la Higuera.

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Highway A-33, Cieza-Fuente de la Higuera. Section: Junction N-344 to Jumilla. Junction with C-3223 to Yecla. Subsection 3. WORK: Supply and assembly of metallic acoustic screen.