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Tunnel Handrails

Insametal manufactures supplies and installs railings for tunnels for roads and railways.
The installation of these elements contributes to the safety of the road and railway. Thanks to these panels we will prevent accidents and possible pedestrian fallings.
Most of the handrail designs that ADIF and the Ministry of Development currently have are developed by us. Our manufacture process can create different handrail appearance, both in galvanized steel and stainless steel with thicknesses depends on the project.
They are exist three types of treatments:

Hot Galvanized according to UNE in ISO 1461:

The regulation defines the hot galvanized as the formation or zinc coating in steel. Steel is submerged in a 450º molten zinc bath that causes that zinc be stuck on steel surface.

The primary aim of this procedure consists in prevent the steel rusting and corrosion that could be caused by moisture and environment pollution.

Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773:

It is a process that applies a powder covering in thin layers to metal prepared to be placed into an oven and bakes it.

The architectural quality of polyester powder allows giving the better characteristics for a clean process of powdering and provides to good tough with a better aesthetical.

Duplex System (Hot Galvanized + Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773):

We apply both procedures sequentially. Hot galvanized and thermo-lacquer. It is based on apply polyester powder to galvanized surfaces when is required a better result in corrosion proofing or when seeking a better aesthetical.

Elaboración y tratamientos 2
The supports can be created with different measures and designs, according to adaptability and requirements in each work. For any requirement or technical design, you can contact with us and we will adapt our calculations to your project. We have an exceptional experience in these elements.
Handrails are usually attached to the concrete wall by screw fasteners of metal anchorage to the plate. The plate and other components are welded.
INSAMETAL works with safety elements in overpasses, passages, and tunnels. We count with experience in handrails. We made multiple projects and we adapt our products in each situation.

Canda Tunnel – Vilavella Section

8 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: ADIF CONSTRUCTION: Madrid – Galicia High Speed Railway. Section Tunnel of La Canda – Vilavella. WORK: Supply and installation of bird screen and guardrail.

Madrid – Extremadura High Speed Railway. Talayuela – Cáceres section.

8 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: ADIF WORK: Madrid – Extremadura high-speed railway. Alcántara – Garrovillas. Section Talayuela – Cáceres. WORKS: Supply and assembly of anti-ship screen, ADIF type guardrail, anti-vandalism fences and wildlife passage.

Roquetas de Mar variant (Almeria)

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Roquetas de Mar Variant (Almeria, Spain) WORK: Supply and assembly of an acoustic screen of acrylic plexiglass.

A-33 Highway, Cieza – Fuente de la Higuera.

9 / 100 Powered by Rank Math SEO ORGANIZATION: Ministry of Public Works CONSTRUCTION: Highway A-33, Cieza-Fuente de la Higuera. Section: Junction N-344 to Jumilla. Junction with C-3223 to Yecla. Subsection 3. WORK: Supply and assembly of metallic acoustic screen.