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Services that Insametal offers

Acoustic studies for projects

We count with a technical department and simulation items that are capable to study noise levels in determinate zones that our clients demand. Our clients can give measures and another information if it necessary. Our wide experience in acoustic panel sector allow us make decisions quickly and efficient.
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Own Thermo-lacquered booth

INSAMETAL make all operations of paintings in them facilities. We count with a professional work team and machinery. Our own thermo-lacquered booth allows us to adapt each project to client necessities.

Foundations and drilling

INSAMETAL has machinery be able to make foundations and perforations to place their panels as can be acoustic panels, parapets, railings, etc.

Our specialised work team will make all preparations and ease the process of work to our specialised assembly work team.


Assembly work team

We have an assembly work team with a great experience that could be adapt to different projects such as the installation of acoustic screens, railings, or tunnel handrails among other works.

In addition INSAMETAL S.A. have assembly managers to check the correct execution of the works on site, as well as the visit to works of future execution to carry out the tasks to be carried out.


Technical Department

The technical department dedicated to innovation through I + D+ i projects continuously improving products for customer satisfaction. In addition, this department will control following steps of the work to be carried out by specifically procedures that corresponds with the project.

Commercial Department

The commercial department is dedicated to sale our products and after-sales service. From this department, we rely on the commercial relationship manufacturer – customer. We believe that this is the best way to have a direct contact with our customers and that the work is done in full according to these.
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