INSAMETAL S.A has carried out the project “DESIGN OF A SAFETY BARRIER
METALLIC WITH CONTAINMENT LEVEL H3 ”according to European standard UNE EN 1317 and with
file number 13/19 / IN / 012, co-financed thanks to the support of the European Development Fund
Regional (2019/4579) through the Innova-Adelante Innovation Support program in Castilla –
La Mancha.

The project has been based on the development of a parapet or metal containment barrier with a level of
H3 containment according to standard UNE EN 1317. To obtain the certification or CE marking of this
product, it is necessary to obtain satisfactory results from the TB11 tests (impact test with
a 900kg light weight vehicle at a speed of 100 km / h) and TB61 (impact test with a
heavy vehicle, 16,000kg truck at a speed of 80km / h) both impacting at an angle of
incidence of 20º. In addition, our technical department specialized in design and calculation through
finite elements, has relied on numerical dynamic simulation to previously check the
level of such tests.

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