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Insametal: Innovation + Quality and Certifications

💡 R + D + i Department

The I+D+i department of Insametal S.A. has strived to establish the basis that we get through continuous test and studies. Our 30 years of experience guarantee us.

We don’t work only manufacturing, but we develop our products customized with client ideas, adapting and accomplishing their demands.

Insametal engages in I+D+i projects constantly to get the maximum profitability and quality from his products. We accomplish the improvement of three essential points for business stability: 


Spanish companies that have innovation capacity can export 18% more than their competitors and generate a 2% more employment according to “I+D+i impact in Spanish production system” paper from CDTI (Industrial Technological Development Center).


The innovation has a better impact on a small business that in a bigger business. In only one year, small companies that invest in I+D+i get better results in sales with 6% more activity than bigger companies.


The innovation also has a positive impact on competitiveness. The report shows that an increase in business innovation could get a better position of productivity. Companies get 16% more possibilities to get better positions than their competitors and, in addition, the business gets 15% more products in their catalogue.


🧾 Certifications

In Insametal, we have various certifications that are necessary for project executions. (Click in any title to show a specify certification).
Since initial design until final assembly, our goals are that our products have been approved by strict quality controls guide to increase our client satisfaction and minimize environmental impact from our activities. Both goals have got the Bureau VERITAS Certification according to UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 rules and UNE-EN- ISO 14001:2004 rules.

All these goals are a complemented by formation courses to practise and improve their skills. All departments of our business are integrated to purpose the best services to our clients.

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