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Expansion joints for bridges

Insametal manufactures supplies and installs expansion joints placed on bridges as a safety measure to prevent breakage in the bridge because of the expansion of its elements.


The expansion joint allows for providing an essential safety measurement that prevents possible breakages in the bridge by the dilation of elements


Dilation is caused when distinct elements increase their length because of meteorological conditions as can be temperature.

Expansion joints are composed of steel, adding more toughness to the structure and keeping a good lifetime of the structure. Insametal used to install these expansion joints in railway bridges.


Here, expansion joints are only thermo-lacquered:


Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773:

It is a process that applies a powder covering in thin layers to metal prepared to be placed into an oven and bakes it.

The architectural quality of polyester powder allows giving the better characteristics for a clean process of powdering and provides to good tough with a better aesthetical.


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The function of these expansion joints are prevent that bridge elements cause damage because of dilation of elements. In addition, these joints are placed to prevent that any pedestrian can fall over by space between elements of the bridge. The expansion joints keep invisible when the installation is complete.
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In Insametal, we place expansion joints to railway bridges. These elements are very useful to keep safe the good conditions of the bridge.

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