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Railway noise pollution

Railway noise pollution represents a considerable environmental problem. According to estimates, around 6% of urban noise comes from this means of transport.

Insametal, a leader in the design, manufacture and implementation of acoustic solutions, presents itself as the innovative response to the challenges of noise pollution, especially in the railway context. The company has a strong commitment to creation of noise barriers that not only uphold rigorous aesthetic standards but also deliver exceptional acoustic efficiency

But what is noise pollution?

Defined as excess noise derived from human activities, noise pollution negatively affects the health of living beings. The World Health Organization establishes a desirable limit of 70 dB (a), while in Spain acoustic comfort is set at 55 dB (a), with any higher level being considered harmful. Insametal addresses these challenges, proposing personalized solutions that go beyond conventional expectations.

The main culprits of noise pollution include transport, construction sites and industrial activity, although activities such as tourism and leisure also contribute to a lesser extent. The effects on humans range from hearing problems to psychological impacts, insomnia and alterations in cardiovascular health.

The situation in Europe, in figures

This is a problem that affects some 12 million inhabitants of the European Union daily. In addition to addressing engine, rolling and aerodynamic noise, they propose measures such as the elimination of noise sources, control at the source and actions in the environment.

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In this context, passive and active solutions can be considered.

As passive solutions, at Insametal we have methacrylate acoustic barriers and insulation, which are presented as effective and aesthetically integrated methods.

And what active solutions can be carried out? For example, promote low acoustic emission technologies, alternative and operational routes that reduce noise impact.

For our part, we will continue working to improve Insametal well-being by providing solutions that are comprehensively designed to preserve quality of life and environmental balance.

You can find more information about noise pollution and our panels at

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