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Cornices and Bridge Impost

Insametal manufactures designs and installs cornices for bridges that are available in different models and materials. Cornices could make up of steel, aluminium and stainless steel to provide a finishing to the bridge deck. Another function could be protecting water pipes, gas pipes and electricity wire from corrosion and other unfavourable situations.
The cornices are elements that are placed in bridges borders to improve the aesthetical and protect some elements on bridge that could be damaged.


These elements are cantilevers and can adapt different shapes depending client necessities. Our cantilevers are metallic and receive some treatments to contribute with a long duration

The cornices are located in bridges where vehicles and trains transit. Depending on client needs, we can create cornices in different dimensions.
They are exist three types of treatments:

Hot Galvanized according to UNE in ISO 1461:

The regulation defines the hot galvanized as the formation or zinc coating in steel. Steel is submerging in a 450º molten zinc bath that cause that zinc be stuck on steel surface.

The main objective in this procedure consist in prevent the steel rusting and corrosion that could be caused by moisture and environment pollution.

Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773:

It is a process that applies a powder covering in thin layers to metal prepared to be placed into an oven and bakes it.

The architectural quality of polyester powder allows giving the better characteristics for a clean process of powdering and provides to good tough with a better aesthetical.

Duplex System (Hot Galvanized + Thermo-lacquer according to UNE in 15773):

We apply both procedures sequentially. Hot galvanized and thermo-lacquer. Is based on apply polyester powder to galvanized surfaces when is required a better result in corrosion proofing or when seeking a better aesthetical.


Elaboración y tratamientos 2
The main functions of these cornices are safety and aesthetic for bridges. These cornices use to be half moon shape, but also can be other shapes depending on client needs.


The materials used in cornices are steel with an S-275-JR quality or similar. We follow EN 10025 regulation in our process of manufacturing with different RAL colours.

Acero al carbono
The cornice is anchored by anchors that affix metal structure into the bridge in a safe way that ensures the stability of the cantilever.


It is placed by our high qualified staff. They use specialized machinery. We have some methods to make safe installation and efficient placement process.

Insametal already have worked in some occasions with this kind of structures and we have experience in our industrial sector. The metallic cornice is one of the best options and we will tell you more advantages.

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