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Acoustic barriers and acoustic noise barriers

Our acoustic panels aim to eliminate noise pollution

Insametal manufactures supplies and installs acoustic panels. These panels aim to eliminate noise pollution from most linear infrastructures, roads and railways. INSAMETAL S.A. panels consist of modular aluminium or steel panels depending on his model, profiled and thermo-lacquered.

Normally, one of the perforated sheets is the absorbent side. The other one is smooth and it is the noise reflective side. We also manufacture double acoustic panels with both sides perforated when a dual solution is needed in determinate occasions.

Metallic sheets are united to a housing specially designed by our Investigation and Development department. This housing is composed of high quality propylene that prevents the vibrations in case of wind gusts caused by train transit.

Inside the acoustic panel is composed of acoustic absorbent material, usually high density of rock wool in different densities and thicknesses. INSAMETAL S.A. has different models of acoustic panels to adapt to the particular needs of each project.

The panels overlap horizontally between vertical poles of galvanized steel, the raw materials used in the manufacture of our panels are always of best quality.

Noise pollution is nowadays one of the main issues to reduce in roads and railways in our national territory and in the rest of the world

Types of acoustic barrier fences

In Insametal S.A. work with 5 types of acoustic screens.

Metallic Acoustic Barriers

The main objective of this type of noise barrier is to eliminate noise pollution from a determinate infrastructure such as roads or railways. These panels could be made up with aluminium or steel according to the client’s model. We have a wide variety of materials in order to adapt to each project to client requirements.

Concrete Acoustic Barriers

These panels are resistant to fire, impacts and frost. This type of acoustic panels is easily adapted to project measures and aesthetical necessities depending on the zone that we place it. It is a material that is well known and is present in all civil works and, therefore, Insametal S.A. have a great experience with this type of acoustic panel.

Acrylic Acoustic Barriers

It is a type of reflective noise panel. Thereby, it provides a good sound insulation only in one side of the screen. We can find it mainly in railway infrastructures, roads, hotels and urbanizations. One of its most positive points is offers a good aesthetic appearance. This barrier is composed of plexiglass material.

Green Acoustic Barriers

It is formed by a core of rock wool material inside the metal structure that rests on a foundation. This type of acoustic panel offers optimal levels of noise insulation and absorption. In addition, the surface is sowing with plant species from the area to form a natural tapestry.

Timber Acoustic Barriers

In addition to offering high levels of absorption and sound insulation, this type of barrier is adapted to the environment efficiently, also performing an aesthetic function. The wooden elements are protected with some treatments to extend the durability.

Acoustic Claddings

We manufacture, supply and install acoustic cladding for lower passages. These claddings reduce acoustic impact improving the brightness inside the tunnel. In addition to reducing the acoustic impact allows to improve the luminosity of the tunnels. Depending on the type of wall to be cladding, we have different types of modular structures for its perfect anchorage.
These panels have acoustic certificates accredited in official laboratories. The acoustic panels are formed by sheet metal or aluminium and soundproofing material inside.
We have a wide catalogue on acoustic screens with different appearances. It could be galvanized, painted and lacquered. In addition, our products can be placed easily, as well as their replacement of damaged panels by shocks, corrosion, etc.

Acoustic barriers are thermo-lacquered. This treatment prevents possible corrosion protecting the steel with a hot painted process in different layers. This procedure gives a better appearance and aesthetic results according to our client necessities that can choose any standardized by shade of RAL chart.

INSAMETAL S.A. counts with anti-graffiti paint systems if the client wants.

We also offer acoustic panel solutions adapted to the environment and that coexist in perfect harmony with the environment.  Green screens with vegetation have meshes for perfect plant integration within the same screen.

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